new year

LOL I’m popping back on here out of absolutely nowhere because I’ve been seeing everyone else’s New Year’s posts on Insta and I felt peer-pressured 😦 So I’m putting mine on here so I can be Extra and because God knows I’m not going to put this on my actual personal social media! Being open […]

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Buenos Aires: thank u, next

Hello folks. Y’all probably didn’t even know I’m studying abroad this semester since I’ve completely given up on this blog, as with many other things in my life. So, surprise, I’ve been in Buenos Aires, Argentina for 2.5 months and will be here for another month before returning to the good good United States. Instead […]

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What to Read: 5 Mini-Book Reviews

Hola, pals. It’s been awhile, as usual. This semester, it’s seemed like either every possible thing happens in a week, or nothing. This is (hopefully? good timing since I feel like I’m getting sick and am consuming juice like it’s water) a nothing week, so I’m going to strive to publish this. Over the holiday […]

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